About Us

We are a Manchester based Company, with over 25 years experience in the building services industry. We are a specialist provider focused on domestic hot and cold water systems, flushing and dosing of closed water systems and commissioning - we operate Nationally.

The disinfection (Chlorination / Sanosil) of water systems is essential to control water hygiene. Mains water can become contaminated by poorly maintained domestic and public building downservices and cold water storage tanks.

M.S.B. Hygiene personnel have the required skills and expertise to carry out cleaning and disinfection in these circumstances. We carry out our services on both new build and existing water systems. Once completed samples will be taken and sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory for testing to confirm the effectiveness of our work. A copy of this is supplied with our certification of disinfection upon completion.

Beyond cleaning and disinfection at the pre-commissioning cleaning stage, we work with expert commissioning partners to provide a “one-stop-shop” service for this critically important area prior to building completion and handover.

Our Service

Our work ethic is to provide a highly professional but friendly and flexible approach together with comprehensive & straightforward advice. Simply put, we aim to be easy to do business with and to ensure that all end user building requirements are met.

We realise that project timescales can vary and be delayed without warning due to unforeseen circumstances. In this context, we believe that our highly flexible approach and ability to respond to changing and short notice requirements are of real value to our clients.

We'd also like to think we are "the 4th emergency service" for your urgent Water Treatment jobs !!